About Us

How it Started

When we started, we had many of the questions you have right now. We wondered if investing in Bitcoin was a good idea and if it was the correct path for us.

Nonetheless, we didn't have an app back then. We could only rely on our own experience, and on what we believed was right. Additionally, we made many mistakes, and they were challenging to handle on some occasions.

Eventually, we decided that we wanted to change the way we perceived things. Instead of simply investing in Bitcoin, we wished to create a tool that could help others in their path, which is how Bitcoin Motion started. Bitcoin Motion was conceived with one purpose in mind: to help you make better decisions. Thus, we always thought of you and how we could accompany you in your path.

We understand how hard circumstances can get for some traders, regardless of your experience. Both beginner and advanced investors might have a challenging time trying to make the best decisions, which is why we worked on Bitcoin Motion – it's a tool for you!

Our Journey

Just as mentioned above, we made many mistakes when we were young traders. Our team quickly understood that one of the most important aspects of trading is learning to make the best decisions, and we knew that it was a very challenging skill to develop.

Since the decision-making process is so complicated, we created a tool that could help you make smart choices, and came up with Bitcoin Motion. Instead of doing everything yourself, you can rely on the software to make your process smoother.

We also noticed that Bitcoin is still relevant even after all these years, so our company decided to focus on it to create the best software we could come up with.

Our Mission

There are many trading apps out there, but no one commits to your journey as we do. We created Bitcoin Motion because we wanted to give you an innovative alternative to guarantee that you can make smart choices.

Therefore, our team put all its efforts into giving you a user-friendly app that you can use regardless of your trading background. We wanted to provide help to all kinds of traders, so we thought of you when we made Bitcoin Motion.

With Bitcoin Motion, we wished to give traders a tool that helped them have a smoother process. Moreover, we always wanted to provide different alternatives, so you could decide whether you wanted them or not. In the end, it's up to you!